Air Duct Cleaning Companies Being Investigated by Sherif’s Office

Air Duct Cleaning Companies

It’s unfortunate, but duct cleaners are able to get away with scams because they pray on the elderly and duct work is largely unseen. Since it’s hidden from view, scammers can make up stories. Having no morals, they then select the most trusting and oftentimes well off; the retirees.

Sheriff’s Office investigating air-duct cleaning companies

Naples Daily News

“An investigation is ongoing into air-duct cleaning companies who have been accused of up-selling elderly homeowners into purchasing unnecessary services, according to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

Homeowners who believed they had been duped told investigators they hired a company to check the air vents for $49.95. In all of the cases, a technician arrived, examined the vents and told the homeowner there was a dangerous mold inside the air conditioner, according to a news release.

The technician said it would cost several thousand dollars to clean and asked for payment via check. In one case, the homeowners were asked to wait outside the home but became suspicious and called authorities.”

duct cleaning companies

Work with a well established cleaning company you can trust like:

Duct Cleaning Twin Cities
260 Clarence St, St Paul, MN 55106
(612) 412-1867

The cleaner mentioned above has impeccable online reviews as well as affordable pricing.

Regardless where you live or your age, always be extra cautious when a stranger is in your home telling you to act quickly and creating a sense of urgency. This applie to all in-home service providers who gain access to your home, not just air duct cleaning companies.


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Dust in the Duct Work Causes Frequent Furnace Filter Changes and Health Issues

Dust in the Duct Work Causes Frequent Furnace Filter Changes

If you have to change your furnace filters on the drawback from the heat and air, more often than required, it could be you have dust and dirt coming in from duct work that needs attention. I was told that our duct work was sealed off and dust and particles could not enter our home from the system. We changed out our filters that were dirty abnormally early and began to wonder why.

We live in the country so of course with the wind and dust blowing around we expect some dust and particles get into the house. We don’t live on a main road with lots of traffic. With central heat and air I was concerned that we were breathing that much dust in our house. We have air vents on the outside of our house near the roof like most homes but we have an insulated ceiling so I wasn’t sure how that could increase the dust in the rooms.

Dust and Dirt has to Come From Somewhere

In investigation, by removing the output vent covers, we found lots of dust and even some of the blown in insulation in the duct work so we started the search to find out where the dust was getting into the duct work. We went into the attic and couldn’t see anything that looked loose or out of place. We went back to the output vents from the heating and air in each room. We looked upward into the duct in the office and saw a small gleam of light coming from beside where the vent attached to the duct work. We now knew where the extra dust and insulation was being forced into the house duct work. The excess dust we were breathing every day and the drawback filters were being overloaded with the dust on the way out.

We were having more and more symptoms that ranged from a chronic type cough to something like colds. We had stuffy noses, were sneezing frequently and felt like there were little stickers in our throat. Our eyes were itchy and watering almost all the time. We knew the cause was from the excess dust entering our home. When this happens with children in the house the effects are worse since they don’t have as strong a respiratory system as an adult so this is an important issue that need attention.

Hire Only Professional Duct Cleaning Companies

Duct work needs to be inspected, repaired and cleaned by someone who knows what they are doing so that there is no more damage done to the duct work. A homeowner can do this work but if you are not physically able to crawl around an attic or if you are not comfortable on ladders, there are professionals that can inspect, repair and clean the excess debris from your duct work. Make sure the company you hire is licensed (where applicable), has insurance and contact someone who may have used their service. A reputable duct work service man will not balk at giving you a reference. Dust and debris in the duct work can be hazardous to one’s health so should be dealt with quickly, either by the homeowner of hiring a professional who understands duct cleaning and knows how to seal and repair duct work without causing damage.

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5 Good Reasons for Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance professionals are specialists in how your ac operates along with the ideal way to ensure that is stays working efficiently. An outstanding ac unit restoration services supplier makes use of high grade components and tools to repair your central air system. A trustworthy business provides you with the know-how to comprehend the specific dilemma concerning your air conditioning equipment and for that reason will give an accurate solution and repair estimate. HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) professionals should be able to discover and solve every one of your A/C challenges.

Frequent and routine upkeep and timely response to all repair demands helps make efficient and effective air cooling achievable. Hiring the right Minneapolis air conditioning repair tech is vital to the quintessential performance, effectiveness and protection of your central heating and cooling system. It’s crucial to have a very fine tuned, peak performing central air system given that an air conditioning unit operating in top condition requires much less power, plus your A/C unit will last longer. Finding cash for a once a year check-up of your air conditioner and furnace could avoid significantly higher expenses in the future. Most air-conditioning repair businesses offer you these types of services, and opting for it one per year is an excellent means of preserving your system as well as keeping heating/cooling bills under control.

It’s well worth remembering that if your outdoor unit was constructed after 1993, repair may be the most affordable path. Nevertheless, if the unit hasn’t been cleaned, has experienced external deterioration, replacement could be the more sensible choice. There are numerous considerations when it comes to the purchase, install or repair associated with a HVAC system:

  1. Regular upkeep and prompt response to all repair requirements tends to make for an efficient and smooth running air conditioning unit. Lack of regular maintenance can result in costly repair expenses which could spoil much of your family’s summer.
  2. Our recommendation is that AC check-ups be performed in the springtime, and heater repair or tune ups be completed prior to the fall season, but don’t use that as an excuse to delay getting you system inspected every year.
  3. Search for a contractor who focuses on both air conditioning & heating repair and the new installation of furnaces and A/C systems and who has the ability to clean, repair or replace condensers, fans, ductwork and a-coils.
  4. A standard qualifying track record would include journeyman level experience who is trained in the repair, maintenance, and installation of air conditioning/heating, and refrigeration equipment, in addition to a working knowledge of computerized energy management control systems.
  5. In addition to all the afore-mentioned matters, the HVAC professional should be familiar with installing, maintaining, servicing and repairing all makes, models and brands of heating and cooling systems. They should be able to work in various weather conditions and industries like, the industrial sector, residential and commercial applications.

Remember, most air conditioning problems are preventable in the event you conduct routine maintenance and repair. Your family or employees can enjoy uninterrupted air conditioning in your home or office by having your central air system and furnace inspected annually. This post sponsored by our friends at Duct Cleaning Twin Cities

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Evaporator Coil Cleaning

Evaporator Coil Cleaning (A-Coil Cleaning)

An evaporator coil, also known as an a-coil, is an integral part of your cooling systems that is often neglected while you are cleaning the system. Commonly it is thought that if the filters are clean there is no need to check the coil. It is a wrong perception that may be a root cause of many problems your system may have to face if you neglect the issue of evaporator coil cleaning. Even if the filters are clean the evaporator coil can still be dirty and be polluting the air you breathe.

A dirty a-coil can be root cause of many problems; here are four main reasons for which you should consider cleaning evaporator coil on regular basis:

  1. Increased Efficiency: With a dirty evaporator coil efficiency of the system declines and you feel it is not cooling same way as before.
  2. Shorter Run-times: It takes more than usual to start.
  3. Low Electricity Bills: Longer runtimes and burden on the system caused it to consume more electricity which is the reason for huge electricity bills. A clean evaporator coil may save you up to 15% of energy your cooling system consumes with dirty coil.
  4. Good Air Quality: If the evaporator coil is dirty and air flow is reduced it causes same air to circulate in the house again and again with many pollutants putting your health at stake. Air indoors is polluted with many visible and invisible pollutants including dust, dirt mites, pollens, pet dander, molds, bacteria and viruses. While air is circulated the evaporator coil accumulates these particles as the coil fins are densely located.

Dirt and debris on the evaporation coil hinder the air flow thus blocking it and causing your heating and cooling system to work much harder. A reduced air flow means cooling capacity of the system has decreased which causes extra burden on the system. The system starts consuming huge energy to cool the room or building posing a burden on your pocket. If you still neglect the situation it causes the air to cool to such a low temperature that it condenses over the coil and leads to what is known as evaporation coil frost thereby completely blocking the coil.

Usually your air conditioning system gives clear indications when the evaporation coil is dirty. Following is the checklist that clearly states that now is the time to clean the evaporation coil:

  • Efficiency of the system is decreased
  • Less air is coming out of vents
  • Head and suction pressure rises
  • Electricity bill increases with same usage of cooling system

The issue of evaporator coil cleaning is of great importance when you are having pets at home or living in an area where construction is taking place. An annual evaporation coil cleaning can keep you and your family safe!

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How Duct Cleaning Works-Part 3

Part 3 of “How Duct Cleaning Works”

The Airsweep Method

Over the last few days I wrote two posts entitled “How Duct cleaning works-part 1” and “How Duct Cleaning Works-Part 2”.

Today I will finish “How Duct Cleaning Works-Part 3”

This post will cover the air-sweep method. First we go through and use the 12 and 1/2 inch CFM vacuum and an air wand that pushes air throughout your entire air ducts and gets sucked up by th vacuum at the same time! With this method we also clean the main trunk lines,return lines,supply lines,cold air returns, and the hot air returns. The air-sweep is intended to be more for the average house that has there air ducts cleaned every year because all of the dust is still loose and not stuck to the duct walls. So if you have had your ducts cleaned within the last year go ahead and do the air-sweep but if not I would Recommend the Rotobrush air duct cleaning method, you won’t be Disappointed! Here are the 2 previous posts:

“How Duct Cleaning Works Part 1”

“How Duct Cleaning Works Part 2”

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How Duct Cleaning Works – Part 2

Part 2 of “How Duct Cleaning Works”

A few days ago I started an article titled “How Duct Cleaning Works“. I said that it would only take one day to explain the rest but it ended up taking a little longer, here’s the other part of the air duct cleaning process.

The Rotobrush Method

This Method Is by far the best way to have your ductwork cleaned Because we use an actual brush that spins counter clockwise inside the main trunkline of your ducts.Then we go through and clean out all of the return lines and supply lines throughout your entire house. As we are doing all of this there is a 12 and 1/2 in vacuum that picks up all of the dust that is being spun out.! Lastly we also will go through and clean all of your hot and cold air returns. If you know anything about ductwork the cold air returns are going to be the most dirty part of all because that is where all of your dust and pet hair gets sucked into. So as you can tell the rotobrush method is the way to go because there is an actual brush that going to be spinning inside instead of just air! I will finish part 3 in a few days because the last time I said a day and i couldn’t get to it.

Thanks for being patient I’m sure you understand that this is the air duct cleaning season.

Here are the Other “How Duct Cleaning Works” Posts

How Duct Cleaning Works Part 1

How Duct Cleaning Works Part 3

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Does Duct Cleaning Help Allergies?

Allergists Encourage Duct Cleaning

An allergy sufferer doesn’t have to go far to learn the benefits of duct cleaning. A quick trip to the local allergy clinic and they discover that, among other things (like mattress cleaning, and freezing pillows, etc), duct cleaning ranks high on the list of allergy cleaning or allergy proofing a house.

Don’t Stop at Just Duct Cleaning

There are many other steps you can take to “Allergy-Proof” your home. Duct Cleaning is only one step, here are a few more ideas:

  • Hire a mattress cleaning company – dust mites feed on dead skin and perspiration (sorry, it needed to be said).
  • Purchase mattress encasements – prevent dust mites from getting into the mattress.
  • Clean the drapes, carpet and upholstery – the mattress cleaning people should be able to advise you.
  • Get an air purifier – air purifiers have come a long way in eliminating airborne allergens.
  • Freeze your pillow and children’s plush toys – what’s living, won’t be for long.

Recommended Allergy Reading:

  1. Will Duct Cleaning Help My Allergies?
  2. Maintaining Your A/C
  3. Allergist Talk About Duct Cleaning
  4. Spring Approaching – Time for Duct Cleaning
  5. Suffering from Allergies?

Rather than read all the blogs listed above, you could just call your allergist. Better yet, call an air duct cleaner, carpet cleaner and a mattress/upholstery cleaning company. You will be glad you did!

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